My Purpose

Life before 50 years old is like a roller coaster, trying to find an ideal job, getting married, building a family, and taking care of the family while working hard to support your family.

50 is the time to start thinking to put yourself first and look after yourself because you deserve it. This is WHY I want to see the world where men & women over 50 can ENRICH their life by doing what they love to do, chasing dreams, and feeling great about themselves.

My Mission

To help men and women over 50 to feel great, play longer and do what they love to do by improving their level of health and fitness. I deliver EFFECTIVE fitness in the way that they can have FUN and do SAFELY without having too much stress in life by creating a life style habit. 

My Vision

To give them strength to become physically and mentally healthy, so that they can live life to the fullest. Also to create healthy-fun-life community around the world to share experience, create memories, support each other and make a difference in someone’s life.