Patty Brockman – Over 50 triathlete who works as a realtor and owner of running shoe store while being a mother of 3 children!

She shared great tips and valuable information. Here is a list of things that you will learn from her interview.

  • How she transformed her life from not being able to move much after injury to trying for her 1st triathlon. 
  • How to find time to do exercise even though you are having a busy lifestyle. 
  • What is her #1 daily habit that contributes to her success.
  • How she stay motivated.
  • #1 tips & advice to men & women over 50 years old, “How to start living more active.”

Key Notes:

  1. Start with what you can do now and step outside to get fresh air everyday!
  2. Start a day with “Laugh & Gratitude”
  3. Make time for what you want to achieve and put it in your calendar!
  4. Pay attention to your heart rate so that you’ll know the condition of your body. When to train and when to rest!
  5. Stretching!

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