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Really quickly, a little bit about myself:

Hi, my name is Kaz and I’m a health & fitness coach specializing in helping people over 50 years old and people with Parkinson’s Diseases.

I’m originally from Japan and moved to Canada in 2009. I’m a husband and a father of a two year old daughter.

The reason I’m passionate about helping people improve their fitness is because I realized that “feeling great” & “Being able to do what you love to do” are the most important things for fitness. “NOT Bikini Body or Six Pack-Abs”

Maintain Your Fitness to Enjoy What You Love To Do!

Time with your family and friends! Being able to play your favourite sports and being active! Being able to travel around the world to gain new experience! Being able to play and keep up with your grandchildren!

Those Experience will Enrich Your Life! That’s Why Fitness Matters!

As for me, I played soccer competitively over 20 years and I have always been active and healthy, that’s what I thought….. until one moment. In the beginning of 2015, I needed to face a big health problem and I needed to stop what I liked to do for months. During that time, I asked myself “How do I want to live with my life?” ” What do I really want to do?” and “Who do I want to spend more time with?”.

From those experience, I found my WHY.

  1. “It’s very important that being able to do what I love to do with my family and friends”,
  2. “I’d like to spend my time with people whom I love.” 
  3.  “I would like to help other people to experience the same!”

What is your WHY? Why do you want to stay active and stay healthy?

All we can do is to make our best each day even a half step forward – It doesn’t matter how many time you fell down. – Just Keep Moving Forward

Thank you for reading and I look forward to connecting with you in the very near future!

Fitness coach for people over 50 years old & people with Parkinson’s Disease.

Kaz Kikuchi

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Success Stories

Thank you very much Kaz. You have been instrumental in my progress over the last month. Your workout program not only produced results quickly but also kept me interested with the continuous variation. I have enjoyed it immensely and have no need to get a trainer here in Tokyo thanks to your online program.

I think executives who are always traveling would benefit immensely from this service, and people with no access to a gym too.

Chris BondTokyo, Japan

When I came to Kaz, I had a multiple issues with joints, knees, poor strength and heart issues. Over the last year I have seen my strength and balance increase, my joint pains disappear and I am able to have my heart deal with increased cardio.  I can work in my garden and not get tired and ski with family, something that I had not done for many years.

He was very observant on how far to push and when to rest.  As a result, I know how far I can push and what feels right when it comes to exercise. I’m not afraid of it anymore.

Gwendolyn JacquotVancouver, Canada