How To Overcome Lack of Motivation To Exercise

I just made a quick video to answer the question about….

“I am having a hard time getting motivated to exercise. I am over weight, have sleep apnea along with other sleep issues and a demanding job. Finding the time and the energy is a real chore. Any suggestions?”

Check out the video below to find out my answer if you are facing the similar problem!


Also after taking the video, I came up with some other ideas to get you motivated for your exercise.

As I said, if you don’t find your “REASON” it’s very tough to get motivation. But it you find very tough time to find your reason, then here are some other choices that worked for other people.

  • Choice 1: Get a dog (You need to take the dog for a walk so whether you want or not, you need to go for a walk with your dog…)

  • Choice 2: Hire a personal trainer (Because of financial commitment and hiring someone who holds you accountable, you will most likely stay your commitment. Once it becomes your habit then it’ll be much easier to continue. Remember, to start something new is the toughest moment.)

  • Choice 3: Find an exercise partner (Finding an exercise partner is very effective too! You can hold each other accountable. It’s very important!)

Thank you for checking my blog and let me know what you think. If you have any other solutions please leave a comment below!

Have a great day!



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