How To Overcome Lack of Motivation To Exercise

I just made a quick video to answer the question about…. “I am having a hard time getting motivated to exercise. I am over weight, have sleep apnea along with other sleep issues and a demanding job. Finding the time and the energy is a real chore. Any suggestions?” Check out the video below to find […]

Interview #2 with Amy Curren – Find Out How She Lost Nearly 50 Pounds In 6 Months

Find Out How She Lost Nearly 50 Pounds In 6 Months! In this interview, you will learn…. How she transformed her life from not being so active to lost nearly 50 pounds in 6 months and now running her own bootcamps while working as a full-time nurse What was her first step to lose weight  What kept […]

[Strong Heart] First Step to Improve Your Cardio and Get More Energy! – Takes only 60 seconds

Many people have asked me similar questions something like ” How can I improve my cardio?” “How can I get my heart stronger?” If you are wondering how you can improve your cardio and get more energy, then you came to the right page! So my answer to that question is “Pay Attention to Your Heart Rate”. That gotta […]

Patty Brockman – Over 50 triathlete who works as a realtor and owner of running shoe store while being a mother of 3 children!

She shared great tips and valuable information. Here is a list of things that you will learn from her interview. How she transformed her life from not being able to move much after injury to trying for her 1st triathlon.  How to find time to do exercise even though you are having a busy lifestyle.  What […]

Quick Full Body Workout For Super Busy People – Any Location! No Exercise Tools!

Working long hours, Travelling a lot and/or looking after your family. I understand you’re busy and don’t have time to go the gym! Don’t worry, you can have a good workout without going to the gym and you will only need about 15 minutes, so you can actually save your time! Here are some full […]