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5 Best Home Exercises To Move Better & Feel Stronger in 21 Days

  • Do you want to keep enjoying what you love to do without having a fear of getting injury?
  • Do you think you need to improve your strength, flexibility and balance?

With these 5 exercises, you will improve your mobility, flexibility, balance & strength to Move Better, Feel Better & Enjoy More What You Love To Do!

5 Exercises are…..

1. Squat
2. Airplane
3. Hands Walk
4. 90/90 Twist
5. Plank

These exercises are great to keep your mobility, balance and flexibility, so that you can stay active, play longer and feel better! Also please make sure that you always engage your core muscles (Abdominal muscles) by drawing your belly button to the spine, yet don’t hold your breath!

If you are just starting:

You can do 1-2 sets of 5 repetitions everyday, so that your body gets used to the exercises. I would recommend you to build these exercises into your morning routine to stretch & energize your body. Now you are ready to have a wonderful day!!!

If you are doing these exercise as workout:

You do 2-3 sets of 10-12 repetitions three to four times a week. As you are getting used to them, you want to gradually increase either the number of sets or repetitions, so that your body adapts to the new stimulation! As I said, keep your mobility, balance and flexibility because you can stay active, play longer and feel better!!!

*****It’s up to you how you want to incorporate these exercises into your lifestyle. I’m happy with what works best for you! Anyhow, I promise you that these 5 exercises will work if you keep doing consistently.

Also, here is the PDF File that you can download…

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